Sewing manufacture 1

In 2016, we have sewed over 800 thousands of mattress covers.

The production of foam and spring mattress cover and quilted sponge foundations for bed sheets.

The production in this field is located in four production halls.

Our production capability allows us to manufacture about 15000 thous. of mattress covers by week, depending on their complexity. If the cover is not quilted, we prepare mattress pieces on tables for cutting by ourselves or we quilt them on our quilting machines.

We can sew almost any model of cover, from one pieced covers to those which have to be sewn with many pieces: bottom and up pieces of different materials and decors, side tape with handles, quilted or non-quilted and many more.

It is all to meet your expectations - you send us your pattern and we will do anything to make a high quality product. Our sewing manufacture is equipped with metal detector to provide the maximal safety of our products.

All of our covers must take a multi-staged quality control starting with the moment of quilting to sewing, folding and preparing to shipping. We use only the highest quality of components: from threads, filling, zippers to knitwear fabric.

Sewing manufacture 2

The production of cotton bed linen dedicated to home, hospitals or any other place where high hygiene when using mattresses is important.

Materials for productions waterproof bed sheets are not an ordinary cotton with connected foil but cotton and frotte with with a high quality membrane which allows to properly circulate air.

Our products are:

  • matress covers – 100% cotton ( 300 g/m2)
  • matress covers – 100 % cotton (400 g/m2)
  • triple layered waterproof pads
  • double layered waterproof pads
  • double layered waterproof bed linen
  • triple layered waterproof pads
  • double layered waterproof color pads
  • waterproof quadruple layered hospital pads
  • mattress pads with move preventing insets
  • mattress pads
  • cotton table cloth pads
  • triple layered, waterproof table cloth pads
  • double layered waterproof table cloth covers
  • bibs for care houses, hospitals
  • sponge pads for bed linen, 6 cm weight
  • sponge pads for bed linen with waterproof membrane


Sewing machine 3

We make realizations for exclusive lingerie cotton bed linen, percale and satin for the best brands: Hugo, Boss, Calvin Klein, Dior, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana. Here we also sew bedding and accessories for large reputable chains of hotels by making orders for hotel bedding of the highest quality.

Sewing machine 4

Bedding production: cotton dens and pillow case with satin weave, satin, tablecloths, napkins. Here we use sewing machine which simultaneously cuts and staple bedding at both sides and seamstresses only top off almost finished product. If it is needed, we can make a print for particular parts of bedding with using semi-automatic to thermo printing on knitwear.

Our workers are highly qualified seamstresses, cutters and operators of quilting machines with long-termed experience. We take care of our team: we ensure free transp